Featured Family – Spencer and Kristen

2022-07-22T17:10:03-07:00April 30, 2021|Christian-LDS, Closed Adoption, Married Couple, No Children, Open Adoption, Open to any race, Open to either gender, Semi-Open Adoption, Transracial Adoption|

We truly can’t wait to introduce you to this adorable home study approved Purl Family from Kansas: Spencer and Kristen! They have been married for nearly six years and have enjoyed many adventures together, along with their two dogs, Ernie and Sammie. Whether they go out on the town or have a cozy night in, they always end up laughing too much and having a lot of fun. Spencer and Kristen have always wanted to become parents and have prayerfully decided that adoption is how they should grow their family. To learn more about them through their family profile, or to learn how you can contact them directly, click here.