Featured Family - David and Jen


We are so thrilled to share our featured family, David and Jen, and their adorable son Thomas! This sweet family is so excited about their adoption journey and adding one (or more) children to their family through adoption.  Jen has a special connection to adoption because her dad is adopted.  After Thomas was born, Jen experienced some secondary infertility issues. The appreciation for adoption instilled in them through Jen's dad, and knowing how much more love they have to give, David and Jen decided that adoption would be the perfect way to grow their family. This family loves exploring new places together, being outside, and attending sporting events (Thomas is already a huge football fan like his daddy).  Thomas can't wait to have a little brother or sister to snuggle! If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this family, you can check out their family profile (designed by Purl). If you’d like to reach them, you can contact them at davidandjenadopt@gmail.com or call their attorney, Emily M. Debnam, at 1-800-286-6046.


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Katie Zimmerman