If you’re a prospective adoptive parent, you may have already learned that there is an amazing adoption community on Instagram. You can learn from and connect with all sides of the adoption triad through this platform. I definitely recommend my Purl families follow various professionals and influencers in the adoption community on Instagram to prepare themselves further for their own adoption journey, listening to perspectives from adoptees and birth mothers in particular. I find that competitors are collaborating and supporting each other on the platform to better educate prospective adoptive families and the general public about adoption, and I find that so refreshing.

Some of my favorite adoption accounts to follow on Instagram include:

We hope you check out these accounts above and learn from each of their perspectives! You might not agree or like everything you hear, but we believe it will help you better prepare for your own journey. We hope you are also following us on Instagram, Facebook, and our sometimes quiet Pinterest page :).

Am I leaving some great adoption accounts out? Help me out by sharing your favorites with me at info@purladoptions.com or by posting on our social media.

Instagram also has a feature that allows you to follow certain hashtags, and further connect within the adoption community. Consider following the following the following hashtags on Instagram to connect with even more people in this community!:

If you are #hopingtoadopt we hope you’ll join the amazing #adoptioncommunity on Instagram with us!

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