Featured Family - Travis and Kirstyn


We are thrilled to feature another sweet Purl family, Travis, Kirstyn and their beautiful daughter Adeline! This home study approved Oregon family cannot wait to add to their family through adoption. Adoption is so celebrated by their family, as Kirstyn has 15 extended family members who are adopted! Both Travis and Kirstyn come from large families - Travis is one of 5 boys and Kirstyn has 6 siblings! They are so excited to bring another child or two into our lives to share their love, laughs and silliness!

To learn more about this Purl family, you can download their full family profile, visit their adoption website at https://travisandkirstynadopt.weebly.com, or follow them on social media (Facebook: /travisandkirstynadopt, Instagram: @travisandkirstynhopingtoadopt). If you or someone you know is interested in an adoption plan and wants to contact Travis and Kirstyn directly, please call/text them at (503) 495-4937.

Jennifer Thompson