Featured Family - William and Jaimie


We are thrilled to feature another new Purl family this weekend, William and Jaimie! This Virginia couple is responsible, fun-filled and family-oriented. They love to spend time outdoors and time with family and friends. Both William and Jaimie have had musical training and love to sing together and individually. They both have jobs working with special needs children, and love it! William and Jaimie have always had a special heart for adoption. They both love children and would count themselves blessed and privileged to start their family through adoption. They have so much love to give a child!

To learn more about William and Jaimie, you can download their full family profile. If you or someone you know is pregnant and wants to reach out to William and Jaimie directly, they can be reached at (540) 339-7296 or williamandjaimieadopt@gmail.com.

Jennifer Thompson