Featured Family - Adam and Tina


We are excited to feature a sweet Purl family, Adam and Tina! They are a home study ready, Minnesota couple that is so excited to add a baby to their family through adoption. Adam and Tina both considered adoption separately before they met, and they knew it was the best path for them when Tina had to have an unexpected hysterectomy a few months before their wedding. Adam and Tina are very active and love to be outdoors no matter the season. They love to go for walks and hikes with their two dogs in the summer or go snowtubing in the winter. They cannot wait to share their fun, active lives with a child! They would welcome an open adoption with their child’s birth family.

If you would like to know more about Adam and Tina, you can download their family profile (designed by Purl and one of our new 8 page profile options). If you or someone you know is pregnant and is considering adoption and you’d like to contact Adam and Tina directly, they can be reached via email at adamandtinaadopting@gmail.com or via phone/text at (612) 568-8047.   

Katie Zimmerman