Featured Family - David and Jen

David and Jen

We are excited to feature a sweet Purl family, David and Jen! They are a home study ready, Arizona couple that is so excited to add a baby to their family through adoption. David and Jen are huge Disney fans and were married in the Rose Garden at Disneyland! If they can’t be at Disneyland, David and Jen love nothing more than a night at home together settling in on the couch after a warm meal, their cats curled up on the couch headrest, laughing and loving each other’s company. They cannot wait for those evenings to also be filled with a child’s laughter! They love going to painting and cooking classes together and Jen secretly loves it when she and David “duet” to songs on the radio!

If you would like to know more about David and Jen, you can download their family profile (designed by Purl). If you or someone you know is pregnant and is considering adoption and you’d like to contact David and Jen directly, they can be reached via email at JenandDavidadopt@gmail.com or via phone/text at: (602) 845-8986.

Katie Zimmerman