Featured Family - Millan and Lisa


We are excited to feature a home study approved (and certified to adopt) Arizona family, Millan, Lisa and their beautiful daughter Catalina! Millan is a firefighter/paramedic, and Lisa is a community developer part-time, leaving lots of time to spend with Catalina. This family loves music of all kinds, people driving by their home can catch glimpses of them dancing or even hear them singing (a little off key) in the living room! They are an active family, rarely a week goes by that they are not out attending a festival, community event, camping or having dinners and fun with extended family! They cannot wait to take a ride on the firetruck with a new little one. They wish the little one was here already!


To learn more about this family, please check out their family profile (designed by Purl). If you or someone you know is pregnant and wants to contact them directly, they can be reached via email at heartsopenforadoption@gmail.com or via phone/text at (602) 842-2442.

Katie Zimmerman