We are so thrilled to introduce you to a wonderful, home-study approved Purl couple: Russ and Amy! This couple met in 2015 and instantly bonded over their love for family and mutual faith. They both feel that family is not just an important thing, it’s everything. Russ and Amy were married in June 2017, in a little chapel in the Santa Cruz Mountains. They reside in a beautiful home in coastal California.

Hopeful Adoptive Family from CARuss and Amy love spending time exploring the outdoors and playing frisbee with their two dogs Nate and Pennie. They also enjoy Friday night pizza paired with a movie or board games. Although they have two four-legged babies, they can’t wait to start their family by adopting a child. Having a biological child is not an option for Russ and Amy, but they have not given up hope on being parents, and believe these struggles have strengthened their relationship. Amy is a small business owner, with a passion for creativity. She likes to write poetry, art and makes blankets for expectant mothers. Russ is an accountant, who loves sports and the outdoors. He plays for an adult softball league and enjoys going on hikes. Russ and Amy are excited to share holiday traditions with a little one of their own, like picking out a Christmas tree, looking at Christmas lights, and picking out a pumpkin on Halloween.