The traditional model for domestic adoption is that families sign up with a local agency with high up-front costs, then wait to be matched with an expectant mother working directly with that agency. This process can take years, as families are limited to the expectant mothers that are working with that agency. Purl Adoption Advisory has a relationship with numerous adoption professionals (attorneys and agencies) across the country who are legally authorized to place a child for adoption. We work closely with those professionals and can help prospective adoptive families better understand the right professionals for them and their adoption journey, and help them to utilize a multi-attorney/agency approach. Prior to a “match” our clients have a greater opportunity to view information from a variety of agencies and attorneys typically without a high up front cost. We also assist our Purl Families with adoption outreach, also giving these prospective adoptive families the opportunity to “self-match”, oftentimes at a much lower cost. This multi-attorney/agency approach combined with guidance on self-matching, typically results in quicker and a lower than average adoption cost, with our families feeling more supported and prepared for adoption throughout.