The best way we can describe our role is that we are an adoption planner for an adoption similar to hiring a wedding planner for your wedding. We help you through the various steps in the adoption process, ensuring you are using ethical professionals and positioning yourself to be successful in a domestic infant adoption. We help you select a home study provider in your state, guiding you through that process. We work with you on creating the most attractive and authentic family profile, ideally helping design and printing that before your home study is complete. Then, once you are nearing home study completion, we help you connect with placing adoption professionals that you can work with in your adoption, adoption professionals that work within your budget and your adoption preferences. We provide education and resources throughout your adoption, then guide you and help you assess the risk once you begin to see adoption opportunities from various sources. We help you form your adoption team (home study provider, placing professional and adoption attorney), at the right time in your adoption, making the process smoother for all members of the adoption triad.