Many people contact us for support or guidance on domestic infant adoption after undergoing unsuccessful fertility treatments. Most of these families have never even heard of embryo adoption or embryo donation. Many fertility doctors/specialists will discuss utilizing donor eggs or sperm after unsuccessful in vitro fertilization, but rarely do they offer information about embryo adoption or embryo donation. Embryo adoption is similar to adoption, but allows the adoptive mother to carry a genetically unrelated child and experience pregnancy and delivery, assuming the mother has no contraindications to carry a child to term. Rather than adopting an infant that is already born, adoptive parents (or intended parents) instead adopt, or receive the donation of, a frozen embryo donated by someone who has been through in vitro fertilization. Typically those families have been successful with their own IVF cycles, but have completed their family and still have extra frozen embryos remaining. Embryo adoption and embryo adoption can actually be much less expensive than domestic infant adoption, but is not right for every family, as discussed more hereThrough our Adoption/Embryo Coaching Packages, we help families understand the differences between domestic infant adoption and embryo donation/adoption, and help them determine the best route for them to grow their family. Once they determine the best route, we’ll provide them extensive resources and recommend professionals that can support them in their chosen journey.