I always imagined having a large, close-knit family, but my diagnosis of endometriosis made biological children unlikely. Luckily, I met and married a wonderful man who also loved the idea of adoption. After an emotional journey through failed fertility treatments and a painful disrupted adoption, we finally brought home our baby girl through a wonderful adoption experience.

I learned a lot during this time and soon became a resource for my friends and associates who were also looking at the opportunity to adopt. This is when I realized that my background as an attorney made me well suited to help other couples through their adoption journey.

I have a baby blanket that was knitted by my grandmother. Each time I look at it, noticing how simple yet intricate the pattern is, I’m reminded that it’s not how we come together that makes us a family; it’s that we chose to make it this way. I was told the stitch that made this blanket is called a “Purl” stitch.

Purl Adoption Advisory was born because I want to help families grow through positive adoption experiences. By being smart throughout your adoption experience and understanding what to do and what to avoid, we can stitch together our families one loop at a time. Together, we are a warm, cozy, beautiful family.

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