Adopting a baby is a wonderful, awesome, fulfilling experience, but it can also be very HARD! The process itself can be intimidating, and most don’t know where to begin once they make the decision to grow their family through adoption.

It used to be that anyone interested in domestic infant adoption would sign up with their local adoption agency, fill out the paperwork, pay some fees then just wait for their baby. But times have changed. Agency adoptions have gotten more and more expensive, there are less expectant mothers placing their babies for adoption, wait times have increased and there are more unethical adoption professionals preying on the vulnerability of prospective adoptive parents. Because of this, we believe that the most efficient, safest and least lonely way to adopt is by using an adoption advisor, otherwise known as an adoption consultant, adoption guide or adoption coach.

Many people are confused about what I do when I say I’m an adoption advisor or adoption consultant.  The easiest explanation I have is that it is like hiring a wedding planner for your wedding. You could plan your own wedding, but it is much easier (and often a better experience overall) when you have an experienced professional by your side with all the connections that you don’t have. An adoption advisor like me can also empathize with the emotions you are feeling in your adoption journey because I have been in your shoes. I will be holding your hand (virtually or in person) throughout your adoption.

As your adoption advisor, we will guide you through all the inevitable questions that will come up in adoption. Where do we begin? How do we get approved to adopt? How do we find an ethical attorney or agency? How are we chosen by a woman considering placing her child? How will we pay for our adoption? How do we make our family profile? How do we find an agency or attorney that will care well for the expectant mother during her pregnancy and beyond? Open or closed adoption? What race are we open to? What about special needs?

We will help you answer all those questions so you can find the right adoption situation for your family. Here are some things that you get by signing up with Purl Adoption Advisory:

  • Education and guidance throughout your adoption journey – we work closely with our families and give them guidance beginning with their initial questions about adoption through the finalization of their adoption

  • Shorter wait time – adopting utilizing an adoption advisor with connections to many adoption professionals can greatly reduce your wait time (usually less than the industry average 2 years)

  • Referrals to multiple adoption professionals (attorneys and agencies) in states with friendly adoption laws – trusted sources that ensure both sides have proper legal representation and ethical adoption practices

  • Assistance on Adoption Outreach – we provide guidance on marketing yourself to expectant mothers in various ways, so that you can even consider adoption situations without paying any agency or placement fees

  • Creation of the Very Important Family Profile – we work closely with you and our professional graphic designers to create a beautiful family profile that will get you noticed by an expectant mother considering adoption for her baby

  • Guide to Funding Your Adoption – we provide information on various sources of adoption funding, including grants, loans and fundraising ideas

  • Higher level of protection and security from adoption fraud – we advise couples on expectant parent warning sides and help them find the right attorney, agency and adoption situation for their family

  • Personal Advocate – we represent you, only you, during this incredible journey while many agencies represent both the expectant mother and the adoptive family

You can learn more about Purl Adoption Advisory and our services and profile design, where you can also subscribe to receive helpful adoption information.  We’d also love to connect with you on social media (FB/IG @purladoptions).  We’d love to answer any questions you have about our process (or meet with you in person if you are in AZ)! We would love to see if we would be a good adoption advisor for your family and your adoption journey.

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