On a day of uncertainty, let’s talk about something that is certain – taxes! As we go through November’s National Adoption Awareness Month, we are identifying resources that help prospective adoptive families and families who have adopted with some aspect of the adoption process. I like talking about taxes about as much as I like talking about politics, but due to tax credits, deductions and subsidies available to adoptive families and the increasing costs in domestic infant adoption, it is an important topic for any family considering or who has completed an adoption.

We have recently connected with tax professionals that specializes in adoption tax planning, credits, deductions and subsidies. They are based in Arizona, but they will help adoptive families or prospective adoptive families with tax planning and filing nationwide. More information about 1st Choice Tax Services, Inc. is available at www.1stchoicetaxservices.com or you can reach them via email at 1stchoice@1stchoicetaxservices.com or via phone at (520) 320-1041. They also have a quick adoption tax brochure they update annually with some basic information about the Federal Adoption Tax Credit.

This firm files state and federal tax returns and also provides tax planning services, but are particularly knowledgeable about the intricacies of the federal Adoption Tax Credit. Their guidance can help identify and maximize any state tax credits and deductions that the family may be eligible for and can help maximize the federal adoption tax credit. They can help families prepare and plan for adoption even before they have adopted. The cost of their tax services vary by complexity (the typical cost for state and federal returns are around $300-350), but all adoptive families receive $100 off per year as long as you continue to work with this firm for your tax needs.

 The Owner and President, Lin Leclair, and her husband are retired foster parents. They maintain involvement in Arizona’s foster care system and by serving on several nonprofit and state agencies that strive for the betterment of foster children.

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