Today we are featuring an amazing resource for families who are considering or have adopted a child of color transracially, Kanisha Tillman, the owner of Tutus & Tennis Shoes LLC (TTS).

Tutus & Tennis Shoes has been designed to be a community enterprise that celebrates everything about the beauty and health of naturally curly hair and black girls. TTS is dedicated to making sure that everyone has access to the proper education and support in taking care of their child’s naturally curly hair. What started as a brick and mortar children’s salon in Des Moines, Iowa has grown into a global community of fellow natural hair lovers, including and focusing on transracially adoptive families. TTS offers online courses in haircare, support groups, virtual 1 on 1 sessions for education, and an online store full of tools and products to ensure total hair care success.

Kanisha shares:

It is important for new parents to start with accepting that hair care is a new skill that will take time and patience to learn. There are significant differences in the care that each texture takes. A simple (oversimplified, really) rule of thumb is, the tighter the curl pattern the more time, dedication, and product the strands will take. One myth is black hair is rough and tough. It is actually fragile, and can range from fine, soft, to thick and coarse. There is a huge variety in “Black hair”. Parents should give themselves grace if they are feeling overwhelmed as they learn, but they should never give up!

I teach the science behind hair care along with tangible techniques so the parent’s skills are able to grow with the child’s needs. I want parents to be able to confidently care for and teach their children how to care for their hair.

Click to download the ABC’s of Hair Care, and the Tutus Hair Care Shopping List.

You can also click here to go Kanisha’s website to learn more about her, join her black hair care classes or shop for natural hair care products!

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