The Adoption Profile is one of the most important parts of the domestic adoption process! Why? Because it is typically how you are chosen by an expectant mom, or expectant parents, choosing adoption for their child. It can be difficult for expectant parents to interview or speak with numerous prospective adoptive families when making this decision, but still want to make the right choice for their child. So adoption profiles typically tell a prospective adoptive family’s story in a scrapbook-type manner, allowing expectant families to consider many different families more quickly as they make an adoption plan.

Adoption profiles can come in different formats, but typically are magazine style booklets that are between 8-16 pages. They are usually available in a printed format, or an e-Profile (typically a PDF), and sometimes in a website format. Different professionals will use different styles to show to the expectant families they are working with when they are ready to choose a family for their child. Purl typically recommends families have at minimum a printed book and an eProfile, but may create other shorter form outreach materials to reach more people in their adoption journey less expensively. But you’ll need to check with the adoption agency or attorney that you are working with to ensure they don’t have any specific requirements for their family profiles.  Purl uses a template style profile, which allows families to have a beautiful profile quickly and less expensively than using a professional custom profile designer. But we have 15 styles to choose from, so families look unique and can choose a style that fits them. We can also customize our profiles specifically to meet the requirements for a specific attorney/agency.

It can be tempting to create your own adoption profile and save money on the profile design, particularly if you have a design background, or know someone who does. Just keep in mind that a family profile is not your typical marketing brochure. You may not get chosen because it is the most aesthetically pleasing, but instead you’ll be chosen because someone connects with some part of your story. Sometimes the most attractive prospective adoptive families, with the most perfect professional photos, homes or families can wait longer than someone who used only candid or non-professional shots, because they were better able to connect with the expectant families reading those books. So whatever you do, be you, and tell your story in the most authentic way!

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