We are so excited to introduce you to this amazing, home study approved Purl Family, and Texas adoptive couple: Nick, Brittney and their beautiful daughter Ellie! They have strong family values and believe in being kind and compassionate to all. Adoption has always been a part of Brittney’s life, and this family is looking forward to their journey. They have loved being a group of three and are eager to welcome another little one!

This Texas family enjoys traveling together and experiencing new places and new things. Nick and Brittney have recently moved into their forever home with some acreage where they can’t wait to watch their family play and grow. In Brittney’s words, Nick is funny, kind and responsible. As she puts it, he is a fantastic dad and is truly a pillar of strength within their family. Nick describes Brittney as honest, loving and compassionate. She cares deeply for others and he sees her as an excellent example to their daughter. Mom and dad say that Ellie is a kind, caring and hilarious little girl. She is always making those around her smile and laugh. She is SO ready to be a big sister, and Nick and Brittney are excited to share their love with a baby through adoption!

If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption for their child, we hope that you will think of Nick and Brittney. To learn more about this Texas adoptive couple, download their family profile. If you want to reach out to them directly, you can call/text them at (512) 277-3504, or email them by filling out the form below.