We’re so delighted to introduce you to a beautiful home-study approved (and certified to adopt) Purl family: Austin and Amanda! This Arizona couple met in 2012 on a blind date (that Amanda really didn’t want to go on), instantly bonding over their love for animals, traveling, faith, and even superheroes! They were married two years later and have had some amazing adventures together, and can’t wait to share their passion for adventure with children!

Arizona Hopeful Adoptive coupleAustin and Amanda love spending time together, cooking and eating, as well as going on day trips and taking in nature. The only thing they love more is making each other laugh! This couple treasures holidays, and will find any reason to have a family get-together. They cannot wait to share their love for family, laughter, and fun with little ones of their own! While waiting for their forever kids, hey have opened their hearts and home to many foster children. This has given them experience to children of many ages, diverse backgrounds and varying needs that they feel will benefit them as parents.

Amanda is a fun loving, dedicated and organized person who loves to be outdoors. Austin says she has the biggest heart of anyone he’s ever met. Amanda has a great sense of humor, frequently causing the whole house to erupt with laughter. Austin feels her nurturing spirt and capacity for love will make her an amazing mother. As Amanda puts it, Austin is a genuine and bright individual that can put a smile on anyone’s face. She says his goofy side shows most around children, and is often found singing and dancing around the kitchen, resulting in uncontrollable giggles from any kiddos in the house. Amanda believes his continuous support, kindness and empathy towards others will make him a wonderful father!

Since both Austin and Amanda’s mothers were adopted, and many others in their family, they feel adoption is a very important aspect in their life. After struggling with infertility, they realized adoption would be part of their journey towards parenthood. They have always had a great desire to adopt, and both feel that their house is at its best when filled with endless giggles, Goldfish crackers, and sticky little hands.