We’re more than happy to introduce you to this loving home-study approved Purl Family from Georgia: Charlie and Rachael! They met 9 years ago in Barcelona, Spain while on a work trip with their families. To this day they think their families were plotting to set them up. They are thankful each day that they were in the “right place at the right time”. Charlie and Rachael have been married for 4 years and laugh every single day, truly living by the saying “laughter is the best medicine”. Their home is filled with so much love and they are more than ready to become parents through the gift of adoption!

Georgia Hopeful Adoptive FamilyCharlie and Rachael consider themselves a bi-continental family, between their home in the states and Charlie’s childhood home in England. They will strive to raise their child with both cultures and will whole-heartedly embrace a third culture if their child is from a unique background. Charlie and Rachael are huge soccer fans! They even have a goal in their front yard and get quite competitive with each other. They love to host family meals in their home, a tradition they hope to someday share with a little one. Charlie enjoys cooking, while Rachael loves to “supervise” his creations. In Rachael’s words, Charlie instantly makes anyone around him feel better, and has such a big heart. She knows that he will be an amazing dad, just by the way he interacts with all the children in their lives. As Charlie says, Rachael is a beautiful person inside and out and he has loved her from the moment they met. Charlie knows she will be a great mother as she is a natural nurturer. She has such a great energy and sense of fun, especially with children.