We’d love to introduce you to this beautiful home-study approved Purl Family from Minnesota: Mindy and Wendy! After meeting in 2010, they instantly became friends and began to grow a spark they were unable to ignore. In 2018 they were married, and have been through so much together, from buying their first home to changing jobs. After struggling with infertility they decided it was their time to start their adoption journey and could not be more excited!

Minnesota Hopeful Adoptive FamilyMindy and Wendy are a couple that love adventure, while also enjoying those lazy days at home. They love living so close to their extended families, as they always feel as if they have someone to share their activities with and there’s never a dull moment. Wendy describes Mindy as one of the kindest people she has ever met. She’s caring and supportive, always bringing out the best in people. Wendy knows she’ll make a terrific mother. As Mindy puts it, Wendy has a positive, fun personality. She loves to bake and cook, while Mindy is a great taste-tester! The child brought into their lives will always be supported, encouraged and loved each and every day, while always surrounded with loving family and friends. They have the love, energy and resources to share their incredible life with a child and cannot wait to start!