We are so excited to feature another home study approved (and certified to adopt) Purl family—a lovely hopeful adoptive mama in Arizona, Jill. Jill shares with us that she could eat pizza everyday, and yet still is the athletic type who has done things like hike the Grand Canyon for charity. Jill grew up in St. Louis with her parents and younger siblings, complete with aunts and cousins around her growing up. Jill moved to Arizona to be closer to family. Jill was always active in group play as a kid, either riding her scooter with friends or building obstacle courses with cousins, her love for spending time in community with others has been evident from the start. Jill studied biology in college has since become an accomplished scientist since graduating. Jill spent many years traveling and growing in her knowledge and skill, but always acknowledging her desire to have a child.

948492F4-CA77-475D-BEC1-F2788CE6B701.jpegJill became a parent to children through foster care and her heart for adoption grew in that process. She knew she was ready to welcome a forever child into her life and to be a mother. Her friends and family are all supportive of her decision to adopt, and many in her community already have welcomed children through adoption.