We’re so delighted to introduce you to this incredible, home-study approved Purl Family from Washington: Eddie, Aubrey and their beautiful daughter, Jayne! In the 9 years they have been together they have built a strong, loving relationship, and they are excited to add to their family again through adoption. They have so much love for each other and are so excited to share that love with another child. They will do everything in their hearts to give their child a happy life full of opportunity, love and laughter.

Hopeful adoptive family in WAEddie and Aubrey have a passion for traveling and always enjoy planning their next trip. They can’t wait to share this passion with their children when they get a little older. For now they spend their time taking day trips and hikes to the beach or mountains, movie nights, lots of walks and trips to the park. Eddie describes Aubrey as the most interesting and amazing person he knows. He says she brings light to every room and happiness to every life she touches. He is so lucky to have her as a wife and any child would be a lottery winner to get her as a mother. Aubrey says Eddie is the best man she knows. He has already proven how great of a father he is, as he’s so patient and caring. He is always so supportive and encouraging. Jayne is a very special little girl that they adopted at birth. She loves dancing to music, daily trips to the park and her dog, Hawk. Eddie and Aubrey know she is going to be the best big sister ever!