We’re so excited to introduce you to this wonderful, home study approved Purl Family: Simon and Lindsay! This family lives in Michigan with their goofy dog, Austin. Upon learning it was not advised that Lindsay birth her own children, Simon and Lindsay felt most drawn to adoption to grow their loving family. They can’t wait to continue their journey!

Simon is originally from Germany and met Lindsay on a dating app after moving to the US for work. They love to spend as many days on local Michigan lakes as possible, swimming in the summer and skating in the winter. They enjoy cooking together, and are always finding new recipes to try out on their smoker! Simon describes Lindsay as the most caring person he knows. She’s always going the extra mile to make people around her feel special and loved. He says she’s great with children and always finds a way to make them smile! As Lindsay puts it, Simon is incredibly kind. She admires his imagination, as he’s always ready to make spaceships and unicorns come to life! Simon and Lindsay have huge hearts and are ready and willing to share that with their future children.