We’re so thrilled to introduce you to this amazing, home study approved (and certified to adopt) Purl Family from Arizona, Aaron, Sierra and their lovely daughter Sadie! Aaron and Sierra have been married for 10 years. They met on a blind date 12 years ago and have grown in their love for each other everyday since. Early in their marriage they have felt drawn to adoption, and are so excited to get to grow their family through the beauty of it now.

IMG_1944.jpgThis family loves going on bike rides to local coffee shops or restaurants. They love American history! Whenever they go on vacation they always make sure to visit any historical sites or monuments nearby. Aaron says Sierra had a since of humor and quirkiness that keeps their life fun and exciting. Her character perfectly matches her beauty on the outside. Sierra describes Aaron as a man of true integrity and the hardest working man she has ever known. He’s quick to laugh and brings much-needed humor to tense moments. Their daughter Sadie is a true lover of those around her. She’s a professional book reader and they are so excited for her to have a sibling she can love and share her gifts with. This family is one that knows and values the richness that differences bring to life and they are dedicated to celebrating and honoring the different ways they get to grow their family.