We’re so happy to introduce you to this beautiful, home study approved Purl Family from Nebraska: Jeff and Pamela and their beautiful daughter Lily! Jeff and Pamela have been married for 10 years and were blessed with their little girl Lily through an open adoption. They are so excited to grow their family through adoption again!

This family loves to have fun, act silly and spend quality time with their loved ones. In fact, they have themed sleepovers with their nieces and nephews and lots of dance parties. They travel often and love to hike in the mountains.

Pamela loves being a mom. In Jeff’s words, her heart and passion for life are above and beyond. Jeff is the one who always creates all the giggles! Pamela says he’s a great listener and easy to talk to. Lily is almost 3 and loves playing with her baby dolls. She’s always rocking them, feeding them and giving them hugs and kisses. Jeff and Pamela have no doubt she will be the best big sister! Jeff and Pamela’s marriage is strong, full of laughter and they value being together as a family. They love their daughter so much and they know that adding to their family is what’s next for them.