Most of you who know me (Katie) personally know that I’m not nearly creative or talented enough to create the gorgeous family profiles and adoption outreach materials that we have for Purl, but I’m smart enough to hire someone who does!

Today, we are featuring the amazing woman behind most of the graphic design work for Purl, Director of Graphic Design, Alison (Ali) Alvidrez. Ali is an Arizona native who graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications from Kansas State University. She’s been working in yearbook design and sales for almost two decades, a background that is perfect for creating beautiful and eye-catching family profiles for hopeful adoptive parents. Ali created our family profile for us when we were adopting, so when I started this business I knew I needed Ali by my side to help all our Purl families in their adoption journeys!

When asked about her work for Purl, Ali said “I can’t imagine working on anything more meaningful; I get the opportunity to design books that introduce a woman considering an adoption plan to a couple who are looking to grow their family. Through my work, I develop an intimate connection to these Purl families and their babies.”

I feel so fortunate to have a talented woman like Ali on my team! Check out her work here.