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Insecurity About “Mom” and Fears About Open Adoption

2023-05-21T16:02:22-07:00May 17, 2023|Adoption Advisor, Adoption Education, Adoption is Hard, Adoption Perspectives, Adoption Process, Domestic infant adoption, Open Adoption (Learn), Uncategorized|

As Mother's Day approached, I (Katie - CEO/Founder of Purl) tried unsuccessfully to get this blog post up. Because Mother's Day is complicated for so many people, including those touched by adoption. I struggled to organize my thoughts about my own insecurity with my own motherhood through adoption and how that related to my fears of open adoption. While it has been relatively easy for me to share my other mistakes in my adoption journey, this was one area that was especially hard for me.  Maybe it was due to embarrassment, but after the 10th draft, here are my still scrambled thoughts... The mistake I'm discussing today centered around my own insecurity about the role of  "Mother", and how that impacted my adoption journey and even the early years of my child's open adoption. Click here to read more.

Featured Purl Team Member – Director of Graphic Design

2022-04-05T14:03:39-07:00September 28, 2018|Uncategorized|

Most of you who know me (Katie) personally know that I’m not nearly creative or talented enough to create the gorgeous profile and adoption outreach materials that we have for Purl, but I’m smart enough to hire someone who does!

Today, we are featuring the amazing woman behind most of the graphic design work for Purl, Director of Graphic Design, Alison (Ali) Alvidrez.

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