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Your Adoption Profile – How to Tell Your Family’s Story

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In today’s blog, Purl’s Director of Graphic Design, Ali Alvidrez, shares her tips on telling your family’s story through your family profile. “Here is the thing, YOU are the family that SOMEONE is hoping to find for their child. Our job is to show all the unique things about you that will help the expectant family to connect with you….” Click here to read more.

The Benefits of Adoption-Informed Therapy

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Creating a family through adoption comes with many complexities. Too often, these complexities are minimized or overlooked, and the impact can be catastrophic. Despite well-meaning adoptive parents, if there is not intentionality behind seeking ongoing education and support, children may be emotionally isolated and silenced, no matter how much love a family has to offer. Whether in the pre-adoptive phase or deep into the chapters of post adoption parenting, adoption focused therapy can be a transformative process for children and adoptive families and caregivers. To read more of this guest blog post, written by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSW, and international, transracial adoptee, Amy Wilkerson, click here.

Adoption Travel, ICPC & Post-Placement

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If you are a prospective adoptive parent chosen for a child that is going to be born in a different state than your state of residence, you will need to travel for the birth and stay in that state until you are cleared through the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (“ICPC”). ICPC is an agreement enacted by all 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands and it governs the placement of children from one state into another state. To learn more about ICPC, making adoption travel accomodations, what to pack, and what to expect post-placement read more here!

Being Chosen and Next Steps

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You get chosen by an expectant family considering adoption for their child! Such amazing news and one of the major milestones in the domestic adoption journey. Many families have long waits and MANY presentations before they get to this point. But what is next? And what does being chosen really mean? Being chosen just means that you are one step closer to a child, and while it is a major milestone, that child may never actually be yours. Click here to read more about what happens after a match, and what NOT to do when you are chosen by an expectant parent whose baby isn’t expected for a bit.

Empathy and Care for Expectant Mothers

2022-03-30T10:56:02-07:00November 19, 2021|Adoption Education, Adoption is Hard, Adoption Perspectives, Adoption Process, Domestic infant adoption, Hoping to Adopt, Open Adoption (Learn)|

I’ve heard of a few circumstances lately where prospective adoptive parents act entitled to the child they have been chosen for, both before and after the birth of the child, but before consents are signed. This is one area I feel like prospective adoptive parents pursuing domestic infant adoption need the most education on - the respect and love that is required for any expectant mother they come into contact with in their adoption journey, and ultimately for the birth mother for their child.

The Cost of Adoption

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Domestic infant adoption can be really expensive and the average cost is currently around $41,000. There is a lot of variability in domestic infant adoption costs by state and by the type of professionals that are involved in your adoption (agency, attorneys, etc.). The costs you might see in a domestic infant adoption will vary considerably depending on the type of adoption (private/independent, attorney, or agency adoption) and the state from which you are adopting. The adoption professionals recommended by Purl typically have adoption opportunities with total costs (including home study related costs) ranging between $8,000 and $50,000, with the majority falling between $25,000 and $45,000. In this post, we break down the types of costs prospective adoptive parents may incur during their adoption journey, but what is permissible and typical will also be governed by the law in the states involved. Click here to read more about the costs you might expect in domestic infant adoption.

The Adoption Wait

2022-03-30T10:59:09-07:00November 13, 2021|Adoption Education, Adoption Process, Domestic infant adoption, Drug/Alcohol Exposure, Hoping to Adopt, Transracial Adoption (Learn)|

Once you’ve figured out your preferences in your adoption, what is next? The dreaded adoption wait. If you’re working with an adoption advisor (otherwise known as adoption consultant) like Purl, you’re likely getting on the waitlist for many different attorneys and agencies. You might be including some adoption outreach, hoping to connect with an expectant family that way. You are then waiting for an expectant family to choose you or find you through your outreach, typically speeding up your adoption journey. But it can take only a few weeks or months, or even a few years to be selected, but your chances are much better in a multi-faceted approach. Click here to read more about what to expect from the adoption wait.

The All-Important Adoption Profile

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The Adoption Profile is one of the most important parts of the domestic adoption process! Why? Because it is typically how you are chosen by an expectant mom, or expectant parents, choosing adoption for their child. It can be difficult for expectant parents to interview or speak with numerous prospective adoptive families when making this decision, but still want to make the right choice for their child. So adoption profiles typically tell a prospective adoptive family’s story in a scrapbook-type manner, allowing expectant families to consider many different families more quickly as they make an adoption plan. Click here to read more about the adoption profile, how it is used in the domestic adoption process, and tips to create a great one!

Adoption Preferences In Your Journey

2022-03-30T11:02:10-07:00November 8, 2021|Adoption Education, Adoption Process, Drug/Alcohol Exposure, Hoping to Adopt, Open Adoption (Learn), Transracial Adoption (Learn)|

As I spoke about in my post yesterday, the domestic adoption process is so awkward in that you are essentially saying yes or no to a child. Sometimes you are doing it just by setting preferences in your adoption, but sometimes you’re actually reviewing a summary of an adoption opportunity and saying yes or no as to whether to present your family profile to the expectant family considering adoption for that child. When prospective adoptive parents start to consider their adoption preferences, many have no idea what they should say when adoption professionals ask what types of circumstances they would consider. Here are just a few of the things you should research and educate yourself on as you determine your adoption preferences, as well as some resources for helping you navigate these difficult decisions.

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