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Dear Mom of a Child Through Adoption (Author Unknown)

2023-01-22T11:21:10-07:00December 20, 2022|Adoption is Hard, Adoption Perspectives, Adoption Process, Domestic infant adoption, Infertility, Learn, Open Adoption (Learn)|

I (Katie - Founder/CEO) have seen this circulate a hundred times since adopting, but for some reason it hit me harder today so I thought I would memorialize here on our page. For anyone who needs to hear this and feel the community today.... ---- Dear Mom of a Child ...

Fall and My Thoughts on Disrupted Adoptions Today

2023-02-21T11:59:16-07:00October 10, 2022|Adoption Disruption, Adoption Education, Adoption is Hard, Adoption Process, Domestic infant adoption, Hoping to Adopt, Learn|

Fall always used to be my (Katie, CEO/Founder of Purl's) favorite month. The weather changing, football, pumpkins, the start of the holiday season. But fall started to have a different feel for me 7 years ago as my husband and I began our personal adoption journey. We had been matched almost immediately after completing our home study with an expectant mom due with a baby boy in October. Even as a very unprepared adoptive parent ,I did know there was a possibility he wouldn’t end up being ours. But I was pretty clueless and even had a feeling of entitlement over that baby because we had been chosen, we had spent a lot of time with the expectant mom and had been paying living expenses for the expectant mom during the course of that pregnancy, and maybe even not so subconsciously I believed we would give this child a better life than this expectant mom could provide. Click here to read more about my thoughts on disrupted adoptions now.

Our Thoughts on Adoption Facilitators

2022-09-19T14:00:46-07:00September 14, 2022|Adoption Advisor, Adoption Education, Adoption is Hard, Adoption Process, Domestic infant adoption, Hoping to Adopt|

“Facilitator” is a controversial word in the adoption community. Frankly, here at Purl, we always work very hard to ensure people understand we are NOT A FACILITATOR, and what we do instead (more on that later). But facilitators are so prevalent in adoption related advertising, that it is important for ...

Featured Family – Jordan and Carrie

2022-08-19T10:10:33-07:00August 19, 2022|Biological Children, Christian/Catholic Family, Closed Adoption, Married Couple, Open Adoption, Open to any race, Open to either gender, Purl Families, Semi-Open Adoption|

We are so excited to introduce you to this sweet, home study approved Purl Family from Georgia: Jordan, Carrie and their beautiful children Adelyn and Jake! They are an active family who loves spending time together outside whether it be exploring their neighborhood, at the playground with friends, or finding a new hiking trail. They love being parents and are excited to add to their family through adoption. Click here to learn more about them or to contact them directly.

The Basics of Embryo Adoption and Embryo Donation

2022-06-01T14:18:47-07:00June 1, 2022|Adoption Advisor, Adoption Education, Adoption Process, Embryo Donation/Adoption, Hoping to Adopt, Infertility, Learn|

The domestic infant adoption world is crowded and families are taking longer to match and adopt. There really is no need for more prospective adoptive parents, and we have heard statistics there are likely 50-75 waiting prospective adoptive families for every baby being placed for adoption at birth. Because of that reality, many couples and individuals have turned to embryo donation/embryo adoption, another assisted reproduction method to grow a family, but potentially at a lower cost and with different considerations than domestic infant adoption. While we are not assisted reproduction attorneys, we wanted to give you some basic information on embryo donation/adoption to consider before beginning a domestic infant adoption journey or an embryo donation/adoption journey. To learn more about this potential way to grow your family, click here.

Birthdays to an Adoptee

2022-04-28T20:08:00-07:00April 28, 2022|Adoption Education, Adoption Perspectives, Learn|

Today’s blog post is written by Purl’s Administrative Assistant, and transracial adoptee, Emily. She shares with us her feelings toward her birthday, and how this feeling has changed with every passing year. For adoptees, birthdays can be strange. It’s an odd day to celebrate given the anniversary of loss that ...

Featured Family – Enrique and Emily

2023-03-19T08:38:20-07:00April 6, 2022|Adopted Children, Closed Adoption, Hispanic/Latino Family, Married Couple, Open Adoption, Open to either gender, Semi-Open Adoption, Transracial Adoption|

We are so excited to introduce you to this amazing, home study approved Purl Family from California: Enrique, Emily, and their adorable boys Mateo and Julian! This sweet family lives in a beautiful, diverse community in Southern California, and they are thrilled to grow their family through adoption again. Enrique and Emily met in 2008 and have been inseparable ever since. They were married in Enrique’s home country, Honduras, in 2011 surrounded by their closest friends and family. This family is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English at home, and they share a love of food and cooking! Click here to learn more about this family or contact them directly!

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