We are so excited to introduce you to a beautiful Purl family who resides in California: Collin and Renee! This couple shares one of those rare love stories, where they both knew they had met their future spouse almost the moment they first met. Renee shares that she felt Collin checking her out in one of the places she least expected it: church. After the service, he waited for her to catch up to him on the way out, and she found herself asking, “What just happened?! Did I just meet my future husband?” Sure enough, it has been ten years since they got married, and they have loved adventuring and learning together.

These two love to travel and look forward to sharing many adventures with their future child.These two love to travel and look forward to sharing many adventures with their future child.

Collin and Renee live in a close-knit, family friendly community a short drive to the mountains and the ocean. They’ve talked about and dreamt of adopting since they got married. Collin is a California native. He has an adventurous spirit, as he loves riding dirt bikes and supercross since his childhood. His favorite place is their family cabin. Collin shares that adoption has always been something he has desired, since his father was adopted as a baby. He cannot wait to become a father!

Renee was born and raised in Wisconsin, but California is now home. She loves photography and devotes her life to faith, friends and family; loving to serve people around her well. She shares that she loves long walks with Collin to catch up on one another’s days . Renee has dreamed of being a mother for many years, and expresses so much peace, hope and excitement about what God has planned for their family.