We are so delighted to introduce you to a wonderful home-study approved (and certified to adopt) Arizona Purl family: Mike and Lisa! They went on their first date in 2012 and instantly bonded over their love of travel, being outdoors and dogs! A year later, Mike proposed on Christmas Eve and they were married in 2015. Mike and Lisa have always had adoption in their heart and realized it had been their path all along after finding out that biological children wasn’t an option for them. They absolutely know that love makes a family and can’t wait to begin this next chapter in their life.

Arizona Hopeful Adoptive Family
Mike and Lisa love outdoor adventures, whether that means traveling around the world or just going hiking on nearby trails. Traveling to a new country annually is one activity they look forward to. Every Thanksgiving they run a 5k Turkey Trot finishing the day with a big family dinner, which includes an extra slice of pie! In her free time, Lisa enjoys cooking, reading a good book and walking the dogs. Mike describes her as his perfect soulmate. She isn’t afraid to be herself and is always making him laugh. He knows she’ll be a great mother and is excited to start this next chapter with her as teammates! Mike loves going out to eat, playing with the dogs and being outdoors. In Lisa’s words, Mike is thoughtful, patient and kind. She can’t wait for him to become a father, which is what he’s meant to be. Mike and Lisa have three fur babies: Bailey, Zephyr and Lucy, who are very gentle with kids!