We are so excited to introduce you to an amazing home-study approved Purl couple: Daniel and Priscilla! They first met in 2011, and after their first date a couple months later, they knew they were meant for each other. Four years later they got married and adopted their four-legged baby, Kira, becoming a family of three. This family currently calls Texas their home. Daniel and Priscilla knew they wanted to adopt, even before their three pregnancy losses. They have worked through their grief and know that this is their path to building a family.

Dan & Pris 3.jpg

Priscilla is very creative. She loves to bake and help others whenever she can. In Daniel’s words, she will always do her very best to bring joy and happiness to someone. What Priscilla loves most about Dan is his zest for life. He loves to have fun and be silly. She has no doubt he’ll be a great, fun dad who encourages their children’s curiosity and questions continuously. Daniel and Priscilla can’t wait to share their wonderful traditions with their little one. They love to cook Korean food and watch Korean game shows on Sunday nights. They’re so excited to snuggle up for Disney movie nights, read books, sing songs, and bake yummy treats together! In the summer they pick peaches and make lots of peach cobblers. Daniel and Priscilla have a big, supportive family who can’t wait to meet and share their love with the baby!