We’re so excited to introduce you to this wonderful, home study approved Purl Family from Washington: Blaine, Kendall and their adorable daughter Sophia! Blaine is from a small town in Alaska and Kendall is from a big city in California. They met in 2012 while both in college. He proposed two years later and they were married in 2014. Blaine and Kendall have been beyond blessed by adopting their daughter and their hearts cannot wait to lavish love on another little one!

Washington Prospective Adoptive FamilyThis family loves spending time together. Whether it’s traveling to see family, adventuring on the weekends to try new hikes and restaurants, laughing a lot or going on daily family walks. They also have a pancake breakfast every Saturday morning! Blaine says Kendall is passionate, filled with love and has a zest for life. In his words, she is the most loving, attentive, goofy, caring mom to their daughter Sophia. As Kendall says, Blaine loves his family, is committed to his faith, and is compassionate, gentle and patient. He is always providing for his family and takes lots of time to have fun with them too! Sophia is silly, friendly and very cuddly! She loves Sunday school and playing with other kids her age. Blaine and Kendall’s deepest desire is to have a household buzzing with kids, laughter and love. They seek to glorify God in all that they do, and they cannot wait to add another member to their family through adoption.