We’re thrilled to introduce you to this wonderful home study approved Purl Family from Oklahoma: Rich, Rachel, and their lovely daughter Chiara! As former foster parents, their daughter was the twelfth child they welcomed into their hearts and home, but the first child to permanently join their family. Adoption is now central to who they are; it’s their Plan A, not their Plan B. They can’t wait to welcome another child into their family through adoption!

Chiara.jpgRich and Rachel met in Italy in 2009, becoming best friends shortly after, and have been so for 12 years. 7 of those years they’ve spent married. According to Rich, Rachel shines whenever she walks into any room. He describes her as a fiery, loyal, life-giving soul who exudes joy. Rachel says Rich inspires people to become who they were created to be. He has a heart of gold and finds strength in his weaknesses. This family loves traveling and going to different parts of the world. Before the age of 1, Chiara has stepped foot on 3 continents! Their lives are rich with worldwide adventure, however, they truly believe that nothing compares to the breathtaking adventure of becoming a family through adoption and they can’t wait to adopt again!