We’re so excited to introduce you to this beautiful home study approved Purl Family from California: Spencer, Ellie, and their crazy, fun-loving boys James and Walter. Both coming from a large family, Spencer and Ellie have always seen themselves having one as well. They absolutely cannot wait to add another brother and sister for their boys to share all their adventures with!

Spencer and Ellie love getting together with their families that are close by for the many celebrations they have throughout the year; whether it be birthdays or a “Fun Day” before Easter! Both James and Walter were born premature and had to spend time in the NICU before coming home – they love celebrating both their birthdays AND their NICU graduation days. They even have a “Purple Day” in November to celebrate prematurity awareness! This family does big laughs when things are happy and big hugs when things are hard. They prioritize spending time together and making memories. They are so excited to add another little person to their family to share in their adventures of life!