We’re thrilled to introduce you to this beautiful, home study-approved Purl Family from California: Alain and Paulina! Neither of them would have guessed they’d meet the love of their life in a taco shop, but life is funny! Alain and Paulina are a passionate, curious, and caring couple who dream of starting a family through adoption!

Alain and Paulina call themselves PANDA (P and A). They collect fridge magnets from all the countries they have visited. They can’t wait to share their traditions and adventures with a little one of their own, such as spending Thanksgiving in the mountains! According to Alain, Paulina is the strongest person he has ever met. She helped him become the person he is today, and he feels so lucky to call her his best friend. Paulina says Alain is the most hardworking person she knows. His imagination, creativity, and curiosity make her excited to see him be a father. Alain and Paulina have been thinking about adoption even before they were married. They are so excited to start their journey and since they decided to move forward with adoption, they haven’t stopped smiling. They truly live by the quote, “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.”