We are so excited to feature a new home study approved North Carolina Purl family, Simon and Caitlin! This couple loves to hike in the mountains, kayak on the nearby lakes, or road trip to new places. They cannot wait to share their active lifestyle with a child (or children)!

With our farm animals

Simon and Caitlin met 16 years ago while Simon was visiting Boston on vacation from Scotland, it was truly love at first sight! They dated long distance for awhile before Caitlin moved to Scotland so they could get to know each other better in person. They were married in 2007 and have lived all across the United States since, all the while trying unsuccessfully to start their family. When they were living in Arizona, they were foster parents to two wonderful children and it was that experience that truly opened our eyes to the beauty of raising children and adoption! Caitlin and Simon now live on a sweet little farm in the mountains of North Carolina with dogs, a cat, a mini horse, mini donkey, dwarf goats and chickens, which will be so fun for their future children!