We are so thrilled to feature a new Purl family, who are home study approved (and certified to adopt) in Arizona, Kevin, Syl and their beautiful daughter Rio! Kevin and Syl met on eHarmony in 2008 and quickly found they shared the same values. They were married in 2012, and Rio arrived in 2015. As a family they love to hike, watch movies, play in the backyard, go out to breakfast, have friends and family visit, snuggle and play sports. They are always up for an adventure and always together! They put family first and have more love to share. Their family motto is “Life is better when you’re laughing together!”

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Kevin and Syl are fortunate to have extended family that already cherish adoption. Kevin has a close relationship with his 13 cousins, all adopted from various countries! So when Syl had a dangerous miscarriage last year, they quickly embraced the idea of growing their family through adoption!