Same-Sex Couple

Featured Family – Brandon and Mark

2022-05-10T13:21:22-07:00April 26, 2022|Adopted Children, Married Couple, Open Adoption, Open to either gender, Purl Families, Same-Sex Couple, Semi-Open Adoption|

We are so excited to introduce you to this amazing, home study approved Purl Family from Wyoming: Brandon, Mark, and their adorable daughter, Olivia! They adopted Olivia at birth, three years ago and she is the center of their universe. Brandon and Mark are so excited to grow their family, and Olivia is ecstatic to be a big sister! Click here to read more.

Featured Family – Doug and Tyler

2022-03-30T16:02:54-07:00August 27, 2021|Adopted Children, Married Couple, Not Religious, Open Adoption, Open to any race, Open to either gender, Same-Sex Couple, Semi-Open Adoption, Transracial Adoption|

We’re so thrilled to introduce you to this incredible, home study approved Purl Family from California: Doug, Tyler, and their handsome son Roland! These two fun-loving dads met while making a TV show, where their friendship blossomed into a loving relationship. They were married in 2017, and soon after Roland joined their family through adoption. They can’t wait to add to their family through adoption again! To learn more about them through their family profile or to contact them directly, click here.

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