Are you a licensed placing agency?

2022-02-21T12:24:00-07:00February 21, 2022||

Purl Adoption Advisory is not a licensed placing agency. We are professional adoption advisors who advise our clients throughout the adoption process and refer our clients to licensed placement attorneys and licensed, ethical agencies that we have relationships with throughout the United States.

Facilitators are illegal in my state, are you a facilitator?

2022-02-21T12:23:42-07:00February 21, 2022||

No, Purl Adoption Advisory are professional adoption advisors and not adoption facilitators. We are advocates, educators, guides and a referral source for adoptive parents. We DO NOT have direct contact with expectant parents considering adoption and we NEVER match an adoptive family and an expectant family together directly, matching is ...

What role do you take in the adoption process?

2022-02-21T12:23:19-07:00February 21, 2022||

The best way we can describe our role is that we are an adoption planner for an adoption similar to hiring a wedding planner for your wedding. We help you through the various steps in the adoption process, ensuring you are using ethical professionals and positioning yourself to be successful ...

What states do you work in?

2022-02-21T12:22:25-07:00February 21, 2022||

Generally, we work with prospective adoptive families from all across the country (although our services are limited to families in some states). We work with matching attorneys and agencies and see adoption opportunities from across the country, and can help families better understand the pros/cons with adopting from a specific ...

Is there a requirement of faith, race, or marital status?

2022-02-21T12:21:34-07:00February 21, 2022||

Purl Adoption Advisory will work with all types of families from single persons to married couples (traditional and same sex). We accept all faiths and races. Our guiding principal is your family is able to successfully complete a home study and provide a stable home with unconditional love for a ...

Do you have an age requirement?

2022-02-21T12:21:17-07:00February 21, 2022||

We don’t have strict age limits, however, individuals over the age of 50 may experience some difficulty in adopting, so please contact us if one of the prospective adoptive parents is over the age of 50 so that we can discuss some of the potential limitations. As discussed above, some ...

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