We are thrilled to introduce you to an amazing, home-study approved Purl Family from Oregon: Max and Kelcie Grace! During college, Max applied for a prep cook position where Kelcie Grace worked. Her boss asked what she thought of him, and she replied “He’s cute. You should hire him!” Max was hired, and they were soon inseparable. After 7 years of dating, they were engaged and have been married for 5 years!

Oregon Hopeful Adoptive FamilyMax and Kelcie Grace love to cook, travel and make memories however they can. They can make practically any food from scratch! They enjoy hosting parties (before COVID), or anything that involves good food with lots of family and friends. Kelcie Grace loves jazz music, reading, and dancing ballet. Max describes her as a strong, loving, caring woman, and supportive wife. He believes she has helped him become his best self. As Kelcie Grace says, Max is a silly, kind, and caring man. He’s always cracking jokes and making those around him laugh. He loves to cook, bake, and he also loves sports. He’s creative and a very talented guitar player. Max and Kelcie Grace live in a vibrant city in the Pacific Northwest with their two cats and gentle giant Newfoundland dog. Growing their family through adoption has always been their dream, and they can’t wait to love a child of their own to infinity and beyond.