We can’t wait to introduce you to this amazing home-study approved (and certified to adopt) Purl Family: Neil and Annie! This Arizona couple met eight years ago and have been married for five! They bonded over their love for adventure, outdoors and playing the guitar. Neil and Annie have so much love to give, and can’t wait to get the chance to share this love and their home with a child, and are beyond excited to grow their family through adoption.

Arizona Hopeful Adoptive Family
Neil and Annie love exploring nature and outdoor adventures. They also often get together with friends and their kids for cookouts and backyard jam sessions. As Neil puts it, Annie is creative and has an adventurous soul. She has a strong love of music and enjoys gardening and yoga. She’s very passionate about improving their community and volunteering for efforts supporting the environment, animals and those in need. Annie has dedicated a large part of her life helping children of all ages. He has no doubt she’ll be an amazing mom. In Annie’s words, Neil is thoughtful and caring, also very clever and witty, always making those around him laugh. Neil enjoys cooking and loves to host dinners. He played the guitar for 6 years in funk and jazz bands. Annie admires his ability to remember little facts, and can imagine him sharing little bits of knowledge with a child of their own someday. She knows he will make an exceptional father. Neil and Annie’s family and close friends are very supportive of their decision to adopt and are all extremely excited for them to start a family of their own.