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The Cost of Adoption

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Domestic infant adoption can be really expensive and the average cost is currently around $41,000. There is a lot of variability in domestic infant adoption costs by state and by the type of professionals that are involved in your adoption (agency, attorneys, etc.). The costs you might see in a domestic infant adoption will vary considerably depending on the type of adoption (private/independent, attorney, or agency adoption) and the state from which you are adopting. The adoption professionals recommended by Purl typically have adoption opportunities with total costs (including home study related costs) ranging between $8,000 and $50,000, with the majority falling between $25,000 and $45,000. In this post, we break down the types of costs prospective adoptive parents may incur during their adoption journey, but what is permissible and typical will also be governed by the law in the states involved. Click here to read more about the costs you might expect in domestic infant adoption.

Funding Your Adoption With Adoption Grants

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In this post, Adoption Advisor - Tessa Reagan Vilte shares her experience with grants throughout her personal adoption journey and encouragement and advice for families hoping to secure grants for funding. “Securing grants for our adoption was not easy. In order to receive an adoption grant, you are usually completing long grant applications, and even paying some application fees. For someone going through the adoption process, more paperwork (and more money, without guaranteed success) adds tremendous stress. An advisor like Purl offers a list of active grants you can apply for and qualifications needed for each grant, which saves you a lot of time and energy in your adoption journey.” Click here to learn more about funding your adoption through grants.

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